Montevideo is a privileged natural bay located at the outer River Plate, being the closest port to the Atlantic Ocean.


Additional to the new multipurpose berth (332 mts long) located at Basin II of the Port of Montevideo , an extension of the same pier “C” was completed in 2019, totalizing 540 mts length, enabling 2 ocean vessels to berth at same time.


For fast and easy reference please refer to the Plan of Montevideo Port.

Montevideo Port has 2 astronomical tides daily, however tides are mainly regulated by prevailing winds.

  • It is always assumed that average annual tide is (+) 0,90m
  • Water density BW about 1,009/1,012
  • Bottom: Main Access Channel, Basins and at piers – very soft mud – Montevideo is a NAABSA Port.


  • No LOA /BEAM/AIR DRAFT restrictions.
  • Main Access Channel is dredged to 11,50m at zero + tide
  • At Container Terminal – depth 11,00m at zero + tide
  • At Commercial Piers except Pier “C” depth – 10,00m at zero + tide
  • At Commercial Pier “C” depth – 11,00m at zero + tide
  • Max suggested arrival draft at commercial pier 10,36 mts BW , however if excedes pls contact us for additional information
  • Max suggested arrival draft at PIER #C 11,30 mts BW, however if exceeds pls contact us for additional information


  • Static storing capacity 123.000 Tons (12 silos) to be enlarged in additional 8 silos in a future stage.
  • Pier 310m long – 4 mooring bollards
  • LOA up 270m
  • Beam limitation up to Post Panamax size inclusive (beam = 38,00m)
  • No air draft limitation
  • 1 conveyor belt – 3 loaders – no shifting required. A second conveyor belt would be installed in the future.
  • FYG yearly average of tides (-/+) 0,90m therefore in present instance, as per terminal info, it could be foreseeable 12,00m sailing draft, with high tide.
  • In first instance, hourly loading rate 600/650 Tons, depending on type of product , to be increased by means of said additional conveyor.
  • Average daily rate 15.000 tons aprox.
  • Please note that this photo shows a virtual view of a bulker at Obrinel (TGM), located behind Tsakos Floating


Colón Street, # 1498, 3rd floor, CP: 11000, Montevideo, Uruguay

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We do always recommend Owners, Operators and Charterers to Contact Us well in advance before fixing and always close to vessels dates.